Do Skunks eat Mice and Rats? FIND OUT!

Mice are a nuisance to have around, they chew up anything they can get their hands on and are well known for spreading disease as well.

As someone who owns chickens, I don’t appreciate having them in my chicken feed. Skunks are natural mice and rat control on the farm and in your home.

So, do skunks eat mice and rats? Yes, skunks will hunt, kill, and eat mice (and rats) too. But, you must take security seriously so they don’t break into your chicken coop. If that happens, they can wreak havoc on your birds.

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Mice are small meals that pack enough protein for skunks. They top the list of easy meals for a skunk and because these rodents are in abundance in the farm, wild, and in homes, skunks will often find them in these places.

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How to Keep Mice Off Property

  • Get a Cat
  • Do not feed rats
  • Set traps inside and outside at night
  • Use baits and poison outside
  • Block off all entry points and exit points
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Do Skunks eat Mice and Rats

Do Skunks Kill Rats?

Skunks may smell but they can help you get rid of rats and mice infestation in your homes, and yard, for good.

Do Skunks Eat Dead Mice?

Yes, skunks eat dead rice if they’re hungry enough.

Do Pack Rats Smell Like Skunks?

Yes, they do. Not just as terrible as skunk spray.

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Will A Rat Trap Kill A Skunk?

If the rat trap is big enough to snap the neck of a skunk, then yes, it can. If otherwise, I’m afraid that won’t be enough.

What Do Skunks Eat at Night?

Skunks eat bird eggs, nestlings, grubs, insects, rodents, frogs, and crayfish at night.

Do Skunks Eat Rat Poison?

Yes, skunks may die from primary or secondary poisoning.

Do Skunks Eat Rodents?

Of course, they do. Rats eat the following rodents: mice, rats, gophers, moles, and voles.

Do Skunks Catch Mice?

Yes, they will dig them out before chasing them and snacking them up.

Will Skunks Eat Mouse Poison?

A starving skunk may feed on mouse poison.

Where Do Mice And Rats Go During The Day?

Mouse, rats, and mice hide away in their nest during the day; mating and sleeping.

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