Why Are My Hissing Cockroaches Dying? [Reasons & Solutions]

How long do hissing cockroaches live? How often should I feed my hissing cockroaches? Are you not getting any eggs from your roach colony? Learn more about these questions and other common issues with hissing cockroach care in this article on the Hissing Cockroach (Gromphadorhina portentosa).

If you’re finding that your pet cockroaches are dying, it might be due to a few different reasons.

First, check to see if they have enough food and water. Second, make sure the temperature in their habitat is appropriate.

Third, ensure that they have enough hiding places and that their enclosure is not too crowded.

Fourth, Cockroaches can be sensitive to certain chemicals, so if you’re using any sort of pesticide or cleaning product near their habitat, that could be the cause.

What Should You Feed Them?

If you’re keeping your cockroaches as pets, you’ll need to feed them a diet that meets their nutritional needs. A lack of proper nutrition is one of the most common reasons why cockroaches die.

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The main components of your pet cockroach’s diet will be protein and carbohydrates.

Cockroaches need protein to help with the growth, repair, and maintenance of tissue, and transportation of oxygen. Carbohydrates provide energy to your pets.

However, avoid giving them sweets or high-sugar foods as these could cause health problems such as obesity.

A healthy cockroach diet should be 60% carbohydrate and 40% protein. Foods that contain fat can also contribute to an overall healthy diet for your pets.

A balanced diet for your pets will also include certain vitamins and minerals. Your pets need to consume calcium, which helps build strong exoskeletons.

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They also need protein and fats, which help with growth and development.

Once you know what your pet needs to eat, it’s time to find out how much. Different species of cockroach will require different amounts of food and nutrients.

You can buy pre-packaged feeder insects that have been specially formulated for your pets.

Be aware that not all cockroach food is created equal. Some products can harm your pets. For example, paraffin wax used as a binding agent in some feeds contains high levels of cholesterol and vitamin D3, which can cause health problems for pet owners.

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You can also buy live insects that you can feed to your pets. Crickets, locusts, and mealworms are all common choices. Be aware that you may have to keep these live prey insects in a separate tank until they’re ready to be fed. Pre-killed insects should be given fresh food every day.

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Cockroaches eat on a regular schedule, and yours should be no different. Once you find an appropriate feeding schedule for your pets, stick to it. If you have multiple pets, divide up their food portions so that all of them get fed at once.

Remember to give them enough time to digest their food before they’re fed again so they don’t regurgitate or become constipated. What’s more, be careful not to overfeed your pets as too much food can also harm them.

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