Can A Racoon Fit in Your Bum? How Many? – FIND OUT!

Yes, you can fit an adult raccoon in your asshole.

Can A Racoon Fit in Your Bum?

The human poop hole can stretch up to 7 inches before suffering damage.

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You can take almost two full raccoons up your ass since a raccoon can squeeze into holes as tight as 4 inches.

Can A Racoon Fit in Your Anus?

Yes, you can. The human rectum is able to stretch up to 9 inches without tearing anything.

A raccoon can fit through holes that are 6 inches or wider. So technically two raccoons can fit up your arse.

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Can A Racoon Fit in Your Bum

How Many Racoons Can You Fit Up Your Bum?

Two raccoons can fit right up your bum.

What Size Hole Can Raccoons Fit Through?

Adult sizes raccoons have been shown to fit through an opening as small as 3” to 4” in diameter.

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