Can a Racoon get out of a Dumpster? What to Do!

Unless they find something to climb on to a raccoon is physically unable to climb out of a dumpster. To help a raccoon in a dumpster, place a piece of lumber/long branch in there with one end on the top of the dumpster and the other end on the bottom of the dumpster.

You can then watch from a distance as in a matter of seconds the raccoon will emerge from the pit. You could also use cardboard or a wooden plank, even plastic or a metal pole, basically anything the raccoon can grab onto and climb on.

Most times, the raccoon will climb out on its own and if it doesn’t, call in someone who rescues animals.

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How To Keep Raccoons Out Of A Dumpster

  • Keep garbage secure

The garbage bin should be kept outside, stored in a closed garage or shed to reduce smells. For further safety, build a wooden lock-box with a padlock to hold the cans.

Bungee cords can help keep bins closed, but ensure you take them off the morning of garbage pickup.

  • Avoid leaving it out Overnight

Raccoons are night animals so waiting until the morning of garbage pickup to put out your bins can stop them from getting in.

  • Keep garbage off the ground

Sometimes, raccoons get into garbage cans by tipping them over and knocking open the lids. So, bins with the handles (like City of Toronto green bins) can be hung from a wall with a bungee cord or bicycle hook.

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What to Do If A Raccoon Is in Your Garbage

Raccoons are wild animals so approach them with caution. They can prove to be quite aggressive when cornered so don’t fall for the cute and confused look on their faces.

  • Put a large branch inside that the raccoon can use to climb on and get out.
  • Optionally, you can place empty logs or boxes in a slanted position.
  • Leave the garbage area and return to doing your business.
  • Wait some time and the raccoon will get the hang of things.
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If nothing works out, the best thing to do is to call the professionals from Skedaddle and they will remove the raccoon quickly and humanely.

Baby Raccoons Stuck in Dumpster Or Garbage Bin, What To Do?

If you find tiny baby raccoons in your garbage or recycling bin, please let them be. Momma raccoon will most likely move them in the night, especially now that her hiding spot has been discovered.

You can check back in the morning and if they haven’t left by then, you should prop the lid open—that should be enough to convince her to move along and take her babies with her!

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