Do Skunk Babies Make Noise? 5 sounds they make!

Skunk babies are very vocal and aren’t shy to make sounds such as hissing, screeching, clicking their teeth, and even making bird-like chirping noises, when corned or surprised.

Other ways baby skunks communicated include snarling, growling, and even foot stamps to scare away their predators.

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Are Baby Skunks Dangerous?

While baby skunks may not be frightening to look at, I’d still be careful when approaching a wild animal. Remember, a wild animal is unpredictable and that cute-looking baby could bare its teeth at you at any moment.

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Skunks are carriers of various diseases, including rabies and canine distemper so avoid getting scratched, bitten or sprayed.

Do Skunk Babies Make Noise

What Do You Do If You Find A Baby Skunk?

  • Leave it alone and set up a camera to see if momma skunk returns to the den.
  • If she doesn’t, place the baby skunk in a cardboard box in a dark, quiet place.
  • Place a heat source like a warm water bottle or rice sock in the box with them.
  • Contact a wildlife rehabilitator right away.
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Can Baby Skunks Squirt You?

Yes, baby skunks can and will in fact spray you if they perceive you as a threat. They aren’t great at directing it as the adults are so it tends to be a smaller and more erratic spray(s).

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