Do Skunks eat Fish [Tuna, Koi, Sardine] – LEARN MORE!

Skunks eat fish such as Koi, sardines, Tuna etc. But, will only go after aquatic animals like fishes, snails, frogs, etc. when there is a shortage of land-based foodstuffs.

Do Skunks Eat Pond Fish?

By nature, skunks are omnivores, and part of their diet consists of pond fish. They would likely eat any fish if it were out of the water and available, though they are highly unlikely to go fishing for one.

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Skunks are classed under the Carnivore (order Carnivora) and are a member of the Weasel Family (Mustelidae).

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Do Skunks Eat Tuna Fish?

Of course! Skunks are able to eat all fish types, including Tuna.

Do Skunks eat Fish

Do Skunks Eat Sardines?

Skunks can and will eat sardines if the opportunity presents itself.

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How Do I Stop Skunk from Eating My Fish?

Here is some measure you can put in place to prevent skunks from getting your beautiful fish:

Net your Pond: This remains the most effective means of keeping air and land predators from paying your pond a visit.

Fishing Line Barrier: You should use a fishing line across your pond to deter both land and air animals.

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Sonic Devices: These are very effective.

Hire a Guard Dog

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