What is the Best Air Rifle for Racoons & Pellet Gun – FULL LIST!

The Hatsan BT big core and the Benjamin Marauder in .25 are the best air rifle for raccoons – both moderately powered, quiet, full-sized rifles that are affordably priced. They’re great for use on small farms or suburban settings where you need to keep the noise down.

Best Air Rifle for Racoons

  • Hatsan BT Big Bore Carnivore QE SL Air Rifle air Rifle – Best Gun For Raccoons

This is a wonderful addition to the traditional line of rifles. It offers a cheaper alternative to ammunition costs and availability.


The gun shoots well, averaging 890 fps with 44.75gr, and has no leaks, every of its material is tight and well built.

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This is solid for shooting raccoons and other critters disturbing your yard.

Lastly, this model has a side level that is great and is way easier than dealing with bolt action.

  • Benjamin Armada Air Rifle – Best Air Gun For Raccoons

The Benjamin armada works excellently well, and it gives me 10 shots just by actioning the bolt and is able to shoot 40 times before she needs another breath.


This is the most accurate air rifle at 100 yards.

When in use, it is quiet, accurate, and puts down the critter of your choice. I call mine “Critter Gutter”.

I have been able to get headshots on rabbits at 147 yards, raccoons at 175, and squirrels at 93 yards, every time. No complaints whatsoever.

  • Walther Lever Action .177 Caliber Pellet Gun Air Rifle – Best Pellet Gun For Raccoons

This thing has a metal and real wood construction, so it feels like a real gun. It is fun to shoot and it comes with 2 8 shot magazines.


I was able to get raccoons at 50 yards, up to 60 yards. It can shoot 350 shots before you notice a drop-off in power.

What is the best pellet gun for raccoons? The Walther Lever Action is the top pellet gun air rifle for the money.

  • Benjamin Marauder BP2264S Synthetic Stock PCP-Powered .22-Caliber Pellet Multi-Shot Bolt-Action Hunting Air Rifle, Black – best 22 air rifle for raccoons

This gun is dead silent when in operation and can get squirrels and raccoons without making other critters run away.

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If you are a fan of raccoons and small game hunting then this is for you. I got 30 accurate shots per fill and normally I have to do about 60 pumps on the handpump for a full fill.

This gun is excellent at its price range, but you should take care of it as it can be quite sensitive if mistreated.

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  • Umarex Gauntlet PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle

This gun shoots quietly and won’t wake up your neighbors. It is well built and looks good too. I was able to get 2 targets at 25 years.


My only negative is that it is a big gun and the barrel could use a little more support at the bottle end. I was only able to fire 4 mags through it and it was a noticeable drop in power that the shot sound was a kinda flat puff sound thereafter.

  • Hatsan HC125SN22 125 Sniper Combo Air Rifle, .22, black

It’s very quiet, difficult to cock, and heavy but powerful.

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You will need to make a system for taking your shots. The same hold position, the same breath release, and trigger squeeze. If you get that down, this thing is accurate and flat shooting for 70 yards.

It is POWERFUL and could easily take out something like a raccoon or possum, it even left an exit wound on a squirrel.

The rifle feels very high quality and the stock is super comfy. The adjustable trigger is very adjustable but it kind of ranges from medium to very heavy, with no hair-trigger capabilities here.

Overall I recommend it for the price range and its better quality than the gamos I have bought.

Best Air Rifle for Racoons

Will A .22 Pellet Kill A Raccoon?

Yes, a .22 pellet gun will kill a raccoon

Will A 22 Short Kill A Raccoon?

Of course, a 2 short can kill a raccoon if it is powerful enough

Can You Kill A Raccoon With An Air Rifle?

Yes, when powerful enough, an air rifle can kill a raccoon.

Will A .22 Air Rifle Kill A Raccoon?

Yes, when powerful enough, a .22 air rifle can kill a raccoon.

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