How to Crystalize Wasp Spray [Video+Picture Guide]

It does not produce meth. It can be sprayed in such a way that crystals resembling meth form. However, it is merely poison (neurotoxin specifically).

You cannot smoke it, and if you consume it or shoot it… have you ever seen a wasp being sprayed and how it seizes and curls up? Consider doing the same thing to another human being. Then, even with brief or minimal exposure, it can cause symptoms similar to Parkinson’s disease…

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How to Crystalize Wasp Spray

What does Wasp Spray do to Humans?

It kills! This harmful crystal is a LIE/hoax/poison used to earn money at the expense of the purchaser. You’re literally buying your death.

Let us examine your inquiry: You’re interested in learning how to make an illegal drug—one that has been known to kill people—from something designed to kill insects. You want to inject this abhorrent shite into your body in order to get high. Can you see how ridiculous this is? All of you who engage in this type of behavior REALLY need to get a life……

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How are methamphetamines synthesized from wasp spray?

No, that is how they cut it (increase its weight), or it is not real at all. That is more lethal than meth!

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