Does Soapy Water kill Spiders

Does Soapy Water kill Spiders? EXPLAINED…

Have you ever watched a spider skitter across your wall, high above your head, just out of reach? Perhaps you spotted one tucked away in a hidden corner of your bathroom, its intricate web shimmering in the low light. Your heart races, your skin prickles, and a question forms in your mind: how can I get rid of these eight-legged invaders?

First things first: take a deep breath and prepare to confront your tiny nemeses with something as humble and readily available as soapy water. Yes, you read that right! But before we delve into the why and the how, let’s establish our foundation with some good old spider 101.

The World of Spiders

Spiders, being a crucial part of our ecosystem, are typically harmless, and even beneficial in controlling other pesky bugs in your home. However, it’s completely understandable if you don’t want these little critters lurking in your personal space.

All spiders produce silk, but not all spiders weave webs. Those that do, create them to capture their prey, and their silk is strong enough to hold much more than their weight.

The strength and robustness of spider silk make it tough for simple substances like water to interfere. However, when you introduce soap into the equation, things change.

The Science Behind Soapy Water

Soap, scientifically, is a surfactant. That means it reduces the surface tension of water. For those of us without a chemistry background, it essentially means soap makes water wetter. The water can then infiltrate more thoroughly into objects it comes into contact with. In our case, the unsuspecting spider.

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The soapy water affects spiders in two main ways. Firstly, it can suffocate them by entering their respiratory system, known as book lungs. Secondly, it can compromise their cuticle, a waxy layer covering their body that conserves moisture.

DIY Spider Control with Soapy Water

Here’s the good news: making a spider-killing soapy water solution is simple.

What You’ll Need:

  1. Dish soap or detergent
  2. Water
  3. A spray bottle


  1. Mix one part soap to three parts water in the spray bottle.
  2. Shake until the soap is thoroughly mixed in.
  3. Locate the spider and spray!

Remember, it’s crucial to spray the spider directly for this to work effectively. Also, keep in mind this isn’t an instant spider-death solution. It takes time for the soapy water to work its way into the spider’s respiratory system and cuticle.

Does Soapy Water kill Spiders

To Spray or Not To Spray?

While soapy water is an easy, cost-effective solution for getting rid of spiders, we encourage you to exercise discretion. As mentioned earlier, spiders are an integral part of the ecosystem, including your home’s. They’re the unpaid pest control agents, reducing populations of insects like flies and mosquitoes.

However, if the spider in question is a venomous one, like the Black Widow or Brown Recluse, or you’re dealing with a significant infestation, seeking professional pest control services might be the safest route.

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1. Does soapy water kill all types of spiders? Yes, soapy water can kill most types of spiders. However, it might not be as effective on larger spiders or those with a more water-resistant cuticle.

2. How long does it take for a spider to die from soapy water? The time varies, but generally, it can take from a few minutes to an hour.

3. Is this method safe for pets and children? Yes, as long as the soapy water mixture only contains dish soap and water, it is safe.

4. Can soapy water prevent spiders? No, soapy water doesn’t act as a repellent. It kills spiders upon contact.

5. How often should I use the soapy water solution? You should use it as needed. It’s a spot-treatment solution, not a preventative one.

6. Does soapy water kill spider eggs? Yes, soapy water can kill spider eggs by damaging the protective sac.

7. What other pests can soapy water kill? Soapy water can also be effective against ants, aphids, and other small insects.

8. Can soapy water damage my plants? If you’re using it in your garden, be aware that excessive use of soapy water can harm some plants.

9. Can I use any type of soap? Dish soap or detergent is best for making the solution.

10. Does soapy water affect spider webs? Soapy water can make spider webs more brittle and less effective for catching prey.

11. Why doesn’t normal water kill spiders? Spiders are coated with a water-repellent layer that normal water can’t penetrate.

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12. How does soap reduce the surface tension of water? Soap molecules have a hydrophilic (water-loving) end and a hydrophobic (water-fearing) end. They arrange themselves at the water-air interface, reducing the surface tension.

13. Are there other household items that can kill spiders? Yes, items like vinegar and essential oils can also be effective against spiders.

14. Can I use soapy water against spider infestation? Soapy water can help in individual cases, but for an infestation, it’s better to consult a pest control professional.

15. Do dead spiders attract more spiders? No, dead spiders don’t necessarily attract more spiders.

16. How can I prevent spiders in my home? Keep your home clean, reduce clutter, seal cracks and crevices, and use spider repellents.

17. Can I use soapy water for venomous spiders? It can be risky. For venomous spiders, professional pest control is usually safer and more effective.

18. Can soapy water harm my furniture or walls? Generally, no. However, it’s best to test on a small, hidden area first.

19. Why does soapy water suffocate spiders? Spiders breathe through their book lungs. Soapy water can block these openings, causing the spider to suffocate.

20. Is it cruel to kill spiders with soapy water? The ethics of killing spiders, or any pest, vary from person to person. Remember, spiders can be beneficial in controlling other pests.

In conclusion, soapy water can indeed kill spiders. It’s an easy, effective method to handle the occasional unwanted arachnid guest in your home. However, remember that spiders do play a crucial role in controlling other pests both in our homes and the environment. If you’re dealing with an infestation or dangerous spiders, it’s best to contact a professional pest control service. Happy spider hunting!

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