What Size Hole Can A Possum Fit Through? [ANSWERED]

A possum can fit through a hole that’s 3/4 wide. They’re also good at climbing trees, so if you see a possum in your yard and there are low branches nearby, try to shoo it away by knocking on the tree.

Possums are cute little creatures, but not so much when they’re in your house.

They can make quite a mess and leave droppings everywhere, not to mention the smell of their urine. They like to eat plants and dig around your garden, which can be pretty annoying.

The hole that the possum made is just the right size for them to come back into your house at night to steal food from your kitchen cupboards, or they might use it as a den or nest. If you want to know what size hole a possum can fit through, this article will tell you.

 How Small Of A Hole Can A Possum Fit Into?

Possums that can fit through small holes are to as pygmy possums. Although they are small, these animals can still weigh up to 2 pounds and measure 10 inches from their nose to the base of their tail.

It has been rumored that these animals can fit through holes as small as 1/2 an inch. However, their bodies are usually much larger than that.

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Pygmy possums are classified as marsupials, which means that they have pouches like kangaroos. However, since these animals are so small, their pouches are nearly invisible.

 How Far Do Possums Travel At Night?

Possums are nocturnal animals, meaning they are most active at night.

However, the activity is not limited to the hours of darkness. They may be seen during daylight hours as well if they are searching for food or shelter. If a possum is injured, for example, it may need to venture out in the daylight to find food or escape from predators.

As a nocturnal animal, there are several differences in its behavior when compared to other animals that are active during daylight hours. For example, as mentioned above, possums may be seen during daylight hours in certain situations.

Another difference is that unlike some other types of small animals such as squirrels or rats, they do not hibernate. There have even been accounts of possums being active while under freezing conditions.

 What Time Do Possums Come Out At Night?

Possums are nocturnal animals, meaning they’re more active at night than during the day.

These nocturnal creatures typically come out of their dens just before dusk and head back inside again around dawn.

Depending on what part of the country you live in, it can take anywhere from one hour to two hours for a possum to get its fill of food in your area.

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You’ll often notice possums because they’re looking for food. Their diets consist primarily of plants, insects, and fruits, which are all things that are typically active during hours when it’s light out.

However, possums can eat a wide range of different foods and aren’t picky about when they eat them.

It may seem strange for nocturnal animals to be active during hours when it’s light outside, but possums aren’t any different from humans in that respect.

The only difference is that humans tend to look for food during hours when it’s light out because we have more options available and more of a variety of options that are easy to find.

What Does A Possum Hole Look Like?

Possums are nocturnal animals and will spend their days in hollow trees, logs, rock piles, or other shelters. They can also find shelter in a vacant building such as an abandoned house or barn.

The front door is the most common entry point for a possum to get into your home. Once inside they tend to hide in the attic, crawl space, basement, or under the house. They can also find shelter in your chimney and use it as a way to access your living space at night.

If you suspect that a possum is living in your home, it is important to find out how big of a hole it can fit through.

They will sometimes enter your home through small holes such as an attic door, a broken window, or under loose shingles. It’s hard to determine exactly what size hole they can fit through as some may be smaller than others.

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 Do Possums Chew On Wood?

Possums are omnivores and will eat insects, fruits, vegetables, and eggs. They also chew on wood, so they can fit through small holes to get inside a house or another building.

Yes, Possums will chew on wood and drywall causing considerable damage.

To prevent these animals from getting inside a house, homeowners are encouraged to fill small holes with caulk or metal screening.

These simple and inexpensive steps will keep possums out of a house, but there’s more that can be done to keep them from living on one’s property in general.

To keep possums off of a home or out of an area, homeowners should spread birdseed and hang suet feeders.

These will attract all types of birds, which possums tend to avoid and provide them with food. This discourages them from looking for food in places where they’re more likely to encounter humans.

 How to Get Rid Of Possums

To get rid of possum, consider taking the following listed steps outlined right below for you.

  • Start by blocking and having entry points that possum may use to get into your property covered, points like broken tiles, roof, vents, chimneys, etc.
  • To deter possums from walking along your fence and having access to your yards, it is advisable to have spikes installed on your fence
  • Create an alternative home for the possum by installing a nesting box in a nearby tree
  • Apply chemical repellants like D-Ter or Poss off to help repel possum from your property
  • Set human possum traps to help in capturing possums from your property.
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