Do They Use Skunk Spray In Perfume? Untold Secret!

Luxury perfumes will sometimes include skunk essence to increase the longevity of the fragrance. An example of such a perfume is “Phoenica far Nwest”. This perf. has a real skunk and plenty of it. That musky burnt rubber-type smell. Not the citrus-green weed-type marihuana smell.

Is Skunk Oil Used in Perfume?

Yes, some small and big perfume brands use the musk from a civet cat or skunk as a constituent that carries the scent of the perfume.

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The different oils in the perfume and the distilled water will not hold the perfume’s scent for very long at all, so they add in cat/skunk oil because the main compound in the musk (butyl mercaptan) holds a scent for a very long time.

If you have ever suffered a spray at the hands of a skunk, or know someone or something that has, you would understand that the smells lasts for many days.

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Perfumes typically do not last kong though, because the amount of musk is very little and very deluded too. So, perfume might only stay on for a couple of days as opposed to a week or so, but at least that means you’re not wearing as much skunk piss as you originally thought. isn’t that comforting?

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Do They Use Skunk Spray In Perfume

What Is Skunk Scent Used For?

Skunk essence or scent can be used for luring animals when hunting. Hunters use it to cover their scent when they hunt deer and fox.

Is Skunk Urine Used In Perfume?

No, not at all. Skunk urine is not used to make perfumes.

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