Do Wasps Make Honey like Bees? “SECRETS’ – FIND OUT!

Entomologist say that some species of wasp-like the Mexican honey wasp do make a type of honey that tastes like honeybee’s honey. Other species of wasp such as Yellowjackets, bald-faced hornets, and common wasp do not make honey but like to consume it.

The Mexican Honey Wasp (Brachygastra mellifica) is a specie of wasp that ranges from Northern Panama to the southern counties of Arizona and Texas.

This wasp species aren’t solitary, but is social, and likes to create colonies hidden in the lush foliage of shrubs and trees.

Like other social wasps, Mexican Honey Wasps create and establish paper nests, sometimes over a foot in diameter and usually spherical in shape.

A single colony is able to house anywhere from 3,500 to 18,700 individuals but unlike many social wasps, Mexican Honey Wasps are usually very docile and will not attack unless very thoroughly provoked.

The Mexican honey wasps use nectar, and lots of it to make their honey. They’re indeed vital pollinators, same as their apian cousins. They also like to chomp down on the Asian Citrus Psyllid, a sap-sucking bug and major pest of citrus crops.

Wasp Honey Vs Bee Honey

The Mexican honey wasp (Brachygastra mellifica) can produce honey in small amounts and not on the scale of the honeybee while the honeybee (Apis mellifera) produces honey on a large scale.

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Adult wasps need to kill prey to feed their babies, and young but they feed on sugary substances such as nectar, and the Mexican honey wasp can turn it into honey. A honeybee can store its honey well; more than wasps do.

Do Wasps Make Honey

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Mexican Honey Wasp Facts & Breed Information

The Mexican honey wasp, Brachygastra mellifica, is a species of wasp commonly found in South and North America, from Texas to Nicaragua. Although considered a species of wasp, this wasp still has 16 sub-species.

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These wasps are able to make honeys like honeybee. They use the same method as bees to produce their own honey too. That means wasps will pollinate and drink nectar in the same manner bees do. Then, they regurgitate it to make honey.

Bees only consume nectar and pollen from flowers to make honey. However, since pollination is often tricky for the honey wasp, it has to feed on other insects such as the Asian citrus.

Is Honey Produced By Wasps Safe To Eat?

Honey produced by wasps are safe to eat and has been a food source in countries such as Mexico and Brazil for many years.

Is Wasp Honey Good?

Yes, it is good. Wasp honey is made in the same way bees make their honey.

Do Wasps Make Honeycomb?

Wasps make a paper-like nest to rest and raise their young.

Do Wasps Make Honeycomb Nests?

They do not make honeycomb nests. Only bees make that kind of nest.

Do European Wasps Make Honey?

European wasps do not make honey. However, they’re able to feed on it.

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Do Mexican Honey Wasps Make Honey?

Yes, Mexican honey wasps make their honey to eat.

Do All Bees And Wasps Make Honey?

No, not all bees and wasps can make honey.

Do Ground Wasps Make Honey?

Ground wasps do not make honey.

Do Yellow Jackets Make Honey?

Yellowjackets do not make honey. Instead, they will attack honey hives and collect honey to eat.

Do Wasps Like Honey?

Of course, wasps love honey. They have a sweet tooth and because they are constantly flying around, they burn plenty of energy and need to replenish it by feeding on high-energy sugary substances.

During late summer, they get most of their energy from feeding on honey.

During early spring, they usually get energy from feeding off nectar.

Do Wasps Pollinate?

Wasps do pollinate, not just as efficient as honeybees. However, they still do matter in the ecosystem. Some plants like orchids rely primarily on wasps to pollinate them and may go extinct if wasps cease.

Do Wasps Steal Honey from Bees?

Wasp does in fact steal honey from, bees during late summer/early autumn. Before then, they can peacefully co-exist with bees since there are lots of nectar available to collect and feed on.

Do Hornets Make Honey?

Hornets are not physically or biologically able to make honey even though a large portion of their diet is from nectar. Yes, they consume nectar from plants and honeydew from insects as a source of energy and nutrients, but that doesn’t mean they’ll produce honey as bees do.

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