Can Racoons kill Dogs & How to Break a Fight

Raccoons are threats to canines. A raccoon will attack and kill your dog, possibly feeding on it thereafter. However, If you have a large dog, the battle is pretty much one-sided. It’s a problem if they’re more evenly matched.

Cats are typically more agile than raccoons and may be able to outrun them. Dogs? Not so much.

Common Diseases in Dogs and Raccoons

The diseases raccoons carry are; canine distemper and rabies. Canines can get the raccoon variant through a bite that punctures the skin, leaving the infected saliva in its wake but it seldom happens.

Are Raccoons Afraid of Dogs?

The Truth? No, they are not. These animals are relentless.

Both raccoons and dogs are part of the order Carnivora. This taxonomic relationship may explain why their animals have a long history of fights.

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A raccoon is a formidable opponent against small or medium-sized dogs because of its bulk and size. It can mature to reach heights of 37 inches long and weigh 23 pounds.

That makes it evenly matched with a small-to-medium-sized dog category.

Raccoons can reach speeds of up to 15 mph, which can give the average dog a run for its money at 18 mph. Raccoon-dog encounters are rare because these two animals prefer to avoid one another.

Besides, raccoons are out at night when your dog is typically indoors. In fact, raccoons have grown smart to come out to forage at dusk and night to avoid contact with humans and their pets.

Raccoons also are less active during the winter while dogs are still playing in the yard or going for their daily walks. The takeaway message is that their paths don’t often cross.

Can Racoons kill Dogs

Are Raccoons Dangerous to Dogs?

Yes, if attacked. But most times the coons run up a tree or into the bush, away from canines.

Raccoons are dangerous. Depending on your dogs size/breed/personality they can be more or less harmful but overall they’re not something you want your dog messing with. At least I don’t.

From experience, a racoon won’t attack a dog if the dog doesn’t attack the raccoon. Unless the coon is rabid then you should get the heck out of its way, and of course, stay out of range yourself too. Remember, the dog has been vaccinated and you probably haven’t.

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Also, a raccoon can lure a dog into a body of water and drown them, it does not matter how big the k9 is.

Raccoon Vs Dog Who Wins

A large dog (especially a coonhound) would always win against a raccoon. However, the same cannot be said for small to medium-sized dogs.

You should not underestimate the aggressive nature of a raccoon. These nasty critters can morph from adorable, cartoon-like munchkins, to efficient, incredibly focused predators and/or fighting machines in a matter of seconds.

A lot of hunters can attest to the fact that sneaky raccoons can lure a dog into the water, and drown it with minimal effort.

Pet raccoons can be lovely, they are entertaining and affectionate… BUT they can transform into snarling, fighting demons in a heartbeat.

Can a Raccoon Kill A Big Dog?

Raccoons are able to kill very small dogs. Any healthy, intact dog over 40lbs can kill a coon with minimal effort (fat, neutered dogs are a different story, though).

People often forget that dogs are incredibly strong for their size. Sure, a raccoon will be able to hold its own as long as it’s backed into a corner, but as soon as the dog gets hold of its neck or back, it’s the end of the road for it; dogs don’t torture their prey the way cats do.

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They kill quickly and efficiently; as soon as they catch something, they shake it violently to not only stun it but keep it from biting them.

If my dog ever gets into a fight with a raccoon, what is the safest way to separate them?

If your dog is in danger of being hurt, get something that can be used to break them apart that will also protect you.

A 2×4 or a long-handled rake or shovel could be used to disengage the raccoon.

An air horn is a good tool to have on hand. It might distract them long enough to give you time to get your dog safely away.

My Dog Killed A Raccoon Should I Be Worried?

No, you shouldn’t. However, is your dogs’ rabies shot up to date? If it is (if it’s not, time to update it), I wouldn’t worry. Also, check to see if it sustained any injury during its encounter with the coon. If it did, clean and dress the wound.

If not, just bury the coon and wash your hands and tools afterwards.

Can A Raccoon Kill A German Shepherd?

An adult German Shepherd can effortlessly kill a coon.

Can A Raccoon Kill A Pitbull?

No, they cannot. A raccoon is no match for a Pitbull.

Can a rottweiler kill a raccoon?

A rottweiler can kill a raccoon if provoked.

Do Raccoons Eat Dogs?

After killing a pet dog, a raccoon might eat the corpse if it is hungry enough.

Can Raccoons and Dogs Be Friends?

No, they cannot. Dogs and raccoons naturally SHOULDN’T BE FRIENDS.

Can Racoons Kill Small Dogs?

Yes, raccoons can kill small dogs.

Can A Dog Kill A Raccoon?

Any dog (except for fat ones) weighing more than 40lbs can kill a raccoon.

Why Do Dogs Kill Raccoons?

  • Prey drive
  • To protect their territory
  • For food (rare)
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