Where to Shoot A Raccoon with a Pellet Gun, Bow, Air Rifle? FIND OUT!

You can shoot a raccoon on the head, through its spine, and behind the ear. Headshots are most effective, from experience.

To get a headshot, visualize an x on the head with the left ear to the right eye and the right ear to the left eye. The center of the X is the aiming point that will strike the brain; killing off the raccoon in a humane manner.

A hit lower, between the eyes may not be directly fatal, using this aiming style, animals like raccoons can be dispatched with a .22.

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Where to Shoot A Raccoon?

  • Head-On Shot

22’s can be funny at times though. You hit the sloped skull of a critter, and it might do a small number and bounce off. If you were facing the raccoon head-on, then shoot right below the chin, in the “whitepatch” hehehe as deer hunters would call it.

  • Side Shot

Aim right below the ear, and behind the eye. That area has the thinnest part of the skull for plenty of little critters. I once saw a wolf skull in a taxidermy shop that had a perfect little .22 hole punched there.

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So, I tried it in my next hunt for raccoons, and guess what? It really is true!

Where to Shoot A Raccoon

Where to Shoot A Raccoon with A 22?

You should shoot with a .22 rifle either through the spine of the neck or through the spine between the shoulder blades, directly in the lungs or heart.

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Where to Shoot A Raccoon with An Air Rifle?

You should go for a dome shot with an air rifle. Quick, lethal, and humane too. Honestly, a behind-the-shoulder shot may kill but it’s going to run off and the kill is going to be drawn out.

Now, if the coon is facing you, just do a head shot can be tricky, or behind the ear would be fine if you can get a clear shot at it.

Can I Shoot A Raccoon in My Yard?

In Canadian provinces and some US states, it is illegal to shoot or hunt a raccoon in your yard without a permit/license. However, raccoons could be lawfully killed during hunting seasons, typically during the winter months if your state allows it.

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When raccoons are not in season, they may not be lawfully killed.

is it illegal to kill raccoons in Texas?

Yes, it is illegal to kill raccoons in Texas unless you have a hunting and trapping license.

is it legal to relocate raccoons in Texas?

Raccoons in Texas are legal to trap. You can use live-trap on raccoons and relocate them after catching them.

Is It Illegal to Feed Raccoons In Texas?

No, it is legal to feed raccoons in Texas. However, you will be doing more harm than good since you open yourself up for a raccoon attack.

Is it illegal to kill raccoons in Pennsylvania?

According to Pennsylvania law, it is legal to trap and relocate wild animals. However, it is legal to kill them if they threaten you and your family.

Check again to confirm from local authorities before disposing of the critter.

Is It Illegal to Kill A Raccoon In New York?

Hunting, trapping, or killing raccoons in NY requires a license. However, the law allows unlicensed homeowners and farmers to destroy raccoons that damage property.

is it illegal to kill raccoons in Oklahoma?

No, it is fine to hunt and kill raccoons in Oklahoma during hunting seasons. Just remember to wear hunter orange on their heads and on their torsos to their waists.

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