Do Skunk Babies Make Noise? 5 sounds they make!

Skunk babies are very vocal and aren’t shy to make sounds such as hissing, screeching, clicking their teeth, and even making bird-like chirping noises, when corned or surprised. Other ways baby skunks communicated include snarling, growling, and even foot stamps to scare away their predators. ALSO SEE: Do Skunk Babies Spray? Are Baby Skunks Dangerous?…

Do Skunk Babies Spray, Smell Different? FIND OUT!

Skunk babies are able to spray once they reach three weeks old. However, the quantity and velocity at which they’re able to spray are much smaller compared to adults. Yes, although baby skunks can spray, they’re not seen frequently doing it. Before spraying, baby skunks will murmur, snarl, the foot-pound, and scream to warn you….