How Small Of A Hole Can A Snake Fit Through? [Find Out]

Snakes are amazing creatures that can squeeze their way into incredibly tight spaces. There are some snakes in the world, such as the Spotted Vine Snake and the Eastern Worm Snake that can fit through holes less than 0.2 inches wide! It’s no wonder that people across the globe have been asking themselves this question for hundreds of years. So, how small of a hole can a snake fit through? Here’s what we’ve found out so far…​

How Small Of A Hole Can A Black Snake Fit Through?

Some people think a snake could fit through a hole about the size of its head, while others think it would be bigger – depending on how thick and muscular the snake is. The question seems to come up most often when discussing rat snakes, which can grow up to six feet long.

How Small Of A Crack Can A Snake Fit Through?

It is unknown what the upper size limit is to the smallest hole that a snake can fit through, but scientists have done some studies and found out how small of a crack a snake can fit through.

They found out that on average, snakes are 10-11 feet long, and they typically can’t fit through anything less than 30 centimeters in width. So if you want to keep snakes from coming into your house, make sure to seal off any holes smaller than 30 centimeters in width.

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 What Size Hole Can A Ball Python Fit Through?

A ball python can fit through a ½-inch wide crack, they can flatten out just like a mouse, as long as their heads can get through, they can get through.

Can Snakes Fit Through Small Spaces?

It is really hard to answer this question because it is so dependent on the size of the snake.

Some snakes can grow to be a lot larger than others, and there are also different sizes of holes. But what we can say is that there will come a point when snakes cannot fit through small spaces anymore.

Larger snakes have larger bodies and heads, so as a result, they will have trouble fitting through smaller spaces.

This is especially true for adult snakes that are close to their full size. For example, an adult python may not be able to fit through a hole any smaller than 12 inches wide. The width of a snake’s body is just one factor in determining whether or not it can fit through small spaces though. Length also plays a role in how big spaces snakes can fit into.

How Big Of A Hole Can A Snake Fit Through?

A snake’s skeletal system and muscles are configured in such a way that it can push its head through a hole as small as 7 millimeters, and then pull the rest of its body through.

A snake’s entire body may have to curl around a tight space to fit, but most are capable of fitting into a 7-millimeter space. However, if you plan on trying this, be wary of constrictor snakes–these types of snakes don’t uncoil after squeezing themselves through spaces.

 Can Snakes Flatten Themselves?

Yes. Snakes flatten their width which shortens their body vertically until they can fit through narrow spaces. This process is called tight coiling and allows the snake to move quickly between thick bushes and fallen logs.

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They can fit through much smaller holes than people realize. Most snake species can easily flatten their bodies enough to fit into a hole that is half of their body size. Some are even able to go through even smaller holes than that, some as small as two inches in diameter. That is very tiny for most humans but quite large for snakes.

Can Snakes Squeeze Through Small Spaces?

A common misconception is that snakes can squeeze through tiny crevices. If a snake doesn’t have room to lay out its full body length and then uses pressure to try and push through, it will often get stuck in the tight space and die trying. They need just as much space as you would when entering a room.

 How Small Of A Hole Can A Ball Python Fit Through?

½ inch is the size of a hole a ball python can fit through without getting stuck in it.

A ball python is an example of a snake that would likely fit through a small hole.

This type of snake is less than three feet in length and has an average diameter of six inches or so. When it wants to move quickly, the ball python can push its way through really small crevices to get from one place to another.

While a ball python is one of the smaller snake species, it can still be a big challenge to figure out how small of a hole it could fit through. Several variables affect how much room snakes have inside their bodies when trying to squeeze through tight places.

For example, if you were to compare two ball pythons, each with an equal length but different body widths and shapes, you might find that one snake can move more easily than another in similar-sized holes.

 Can Snakes Enter A House Through The Toilet?

Snakes cannot climb or hang themselves around toilets. They can get into the plumbing and make their way up to you. So, yes, a snake can enter your house through the toilet.

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It will just take some time. Many factors contribute to a snake’s success in entering your home, such as: how often you clean the toilet; what type of pipes you have; how long the snakes have been looking for an entrance; etc.

 Can Snakes Live In Your Walls?

You may have snakes living on your walls. The species of snake will determine what type of hole they need to use as an entry point and exit.

For example, a tiny hole will be big enough for a reptile such as an Eastern Garter snake to get through. Conversely, since an Anaconda has much more girth than the Eastern Garter snake, it would need a larger opening to get through.

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 Can Snakes Climb Beds?

Most snakes are not venomous and those that are will never use their venom to attack humans.

The only way a snake can harm you is by biting you, which they would have to be hanging off of the ground to reach you.

Snakes do like warm environments though and if they find their way into your bed, they’re more than likely going to climb under the blankets to bask in the heat.

Can A Snake Get In Your Car?

Snake is a common fear for many people. Have you ever asked yourself, can a snake get in my car? When answering that question, the answer is yes.

A snake can easily get into your car through an open window, or with the right type of key, they could unlock a door if it has not been shut properly. There have been cases where snakes have found their way into cars when trying to bask in the sun because they were cold.

 Can Snakes Move On Tiles?

It is more likely that a snake will not be able to crawl on top of a tile, as the surface is too smooth. Snakes can swim, but in most cases, they will have to rely on their cloaca, or vent-like organ, located near the tail and used for sex and waste elimination.

Snakes also have an adaptation in their mouths called keratinous lining, which has been known to help snakes navigate dark surfaces when looking for prey.

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