Do Skunk Dens Smell? How Bad? LEARN MORE!

Skunk dens smell like rotten eggs or sulphur. Although they don’t directly spray in their homes, skunk sprays may linger in the air, on surfaces, on them or in skunk dens for a while.

Also, dead skunks may secrete their spray after they die. So, if you smell a powerful stench n your yard, it may be because there are skunks in your area. Usually, the more skunks, the stronger the residual smell maybe.

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Can You Smell A Skunk Den?

Any human can smell a skunk den (the very recognizable smell of a skunk). Trust me, you will know when a skunk takes up residence somewhere in or near your home.

Unless of course, the animal doesn’t spray.

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Do Skunk Dens Smell

Do Skunks Spray In Their Dens?

Dead skunks may secrete their foul-smelling spray as they die. Also, a skunk may spray its gas near the entrance of its den to ward off attackers.

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Do Skunks Poop In Their Dens?

Skunks do not poop or piss in their dens. The area is meant for sleeping. So, they like to keep it clean.

You may find badly-formed cat-like feces near the dens, but never in the dens themselves.

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