Do Skunk Babies Spray, Smell Different? FIND OUT!

Skunk babies are able to spray once they reach three weeks old. However, the quantity and velocity at which they’re able to spray are much smaller compared to adults.

Yes, although baby skunks can spray, they’re not seen frequently doing it. Before spraying, baby skunks will murmur, snarl, the foot-pound, and scream to warn you. If you don’t obey these signals, then you’re most likely going to get skunk-ed.

As you can see, just because the baby skunk is small, it still doesn’t mean that you won’t get spray if you scare it.

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When Will Baby Skunks Be Old Enough To Spray?

Once a baby skunks is a few weeks old, it will be able to spray. But, that does not mean it will be able to control and direct their spray.

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Control and better direction is a skill they’re able to master and harness completely once they are much older.

For younger skunks, this is more of a panic reaction rather than something targeted.

The Differences Between Sprayed By A Juvenile And An Adult Skunk

Baby skunks spray aren’t well-targeted and have a limited range. Adults on the other hand can fire up to a distance of up to ten feet and will aim for the eyes and face of the animal or person that they see as a threat.

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Do Skunk Babies Spray

Signs A Skunk Is About to Spray

Skunks do not enjoy wasting their precious foul-smelling fluid, but they will not hesitate to do so if the threat doesn’t heed their numerous warnings.

Skunk warnings include: growling and hissing noises that skunk produces along with stamping its feet and scratching the ground.

If this fails, then it will raise its tail and spray.

What to Do If You Are Sprayed?

  • Take a shower with soap. It helps break down the oil in the spray.
  • Then make a recipe to eliminate the rest of the smell using 3% hydrogen peroxide and liquid dish soap and using this to wash the area.
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