Do Raccoons Lay Eggs, Yes or No? LEARN MORE!

No! Raccoons do not lay eggs but are egg eaters. The female raccoon birth a litter of one to eight babies once a year but in cases where a litter of babies is lost early, a second litter may be produced in its place.

Do all Raccoons lay Eggs?

Raccoons NEVER lay eggs. They’re mammals and no mammal will lay eggs (with very few exceptions like the platypus!).

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So, if you see eggs around raccoons or in their den, the eggs do not belong to the raccoon. Raccoons are thieves and are notorious for stealing eggs from birds and stashing them away for themselves

Rest assured, that they didn’t actually come from the raccoon!

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Do Male Raccoons Eat Their Babies?

Yes, a nursing female must stay away from males. If a male comes across her kit, he will attempt to kill the young and then mate with her. It’s cruel but it is what it is.

Do Raccoon Lay Eggs

How Many Babies Do Raccoons Have?

Anywhere from two to five babies.

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Do Male and Female Raccoons Stay Together?

No, they don’t. Once a female raccoon becomes pregnant, she leaves and makes her own den. If she stays with a male he will kill the young ones upon birth and attempt to mate with her.

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