Can Racoon Climb Trees, Fences, Walls, PVC etc – FIND OUT!

Raccoons are able to climb a myriad of surfaces that consist of cement, bricks, trees, siding, downspouts, and more. But they cannot climb unweathered sheet metal and glass.

They’re able to climb many surfaces because of their sharp claws, an instinct to survive, and ability to scale anything from your home’s exterior wall to a high-rise building.

Raccoons’ long digits, dexterous paws, and sharp claws make it easy to climb and scale tall structures and easily climb down like squirrels.

I have watched some even rotate their feet to make climbing up and down much more feasible. Plus, raccoons are super intelligent and are able to figure out how to get food even in the most undesirable circumstances.

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Can Racoon Climb?

A raccoon is able to climb the following surfaces:

  • Trees

Raccoons can climb trees thanks to their sharp claws and toes.

Trees are important to raccoons. They use it to escape predators, and use the hollow part for nesting.

They are also able to descend a tree headfirst.

No, a raccoon cannot leap from the tree, even to save itself.

  • Fences

Yes, raccoons can climb fences, especially wood fences.

They are also able to grab and claw through softer fence materials, especially those made from softwood. They create holes in such fences and pass through.

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Baby raccoons may be unable to climb over 5-6 inches wire fences, but adult raccoons have been found to climb over fences higher than eight inches in height.

  • Walls

Raccoons have superior wall-climbing skills, and their physical attributes and sharp claws make climbing the wall of your home and offices so easy.

A raccoon is able to scale anything from your home’s exterior wall to a high-rise building.

  • PVC pipe

Most raccoons can climb up to 4” diameter of PVC pipe if there is food on the other side. I have seen them do this to my neighbor’s fence.

  • Brick walls

Raccoons are excellent at climbing brick walls. Their leg and toes let them grasp and climb just about anything from the garbage can to a tree, to brick on a building or on the street.

Raccoon feet can rotate 180 degrees, allowing it to climb down headfirst.

  • Metal Pole

Raccoons are excellent climbers and can easily climb up and down a metal pole.

This allows them to easily reach your bird feeders. So, using pole baffles is a great way of controlling them.

  • Vinyl siding

The paws of the raccoon are able to go 180 degrees, and that allows the raccoon to climb a vinyl siding effortlessly.

Although raccoons cannot climb glass, they will climb it if there is a surface or thing they can use for support.

  • Vinyl fence

Vinyl is smoother than wood and doesn’t have as much traction for animals’ feet or claws.

A raccoon will be able to climb a vinyl fence, but with great difficulty.

  • Chain link fences

Metal fences are to an extent hard to climb since they are slippery but a raccoon is still able to climb them.

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Baby raccoons will find it difficult to climb over 5-6inches of wire fences, adult raccoons have been found to climb over fences higher than 8 inches in height.

  • Side of house

Raccoons are excellent climbers and can get to the corner of your home, or even up your downspout, but the odds are they will take the easiest route and that could be as simple as a tree.

  • Houses

Raccoons are able to climb houses, or even up your downspout, but the odds are they will take the easiest route and that could be as simple as a tree.

  • Pole

Raccoons and Squirrels are excellent climbers and easily scale a pole or shepherd’s hook to reach a feeder.

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Can Racoon Climb

What Makes Raccoons Such Good Climbers?

  • Physical Attributes

They have long, thick sharp nails on their hands and feet that let them hold on to surfaces and objects.

Their claws can dig into and climb anything from tree trunks to crevices and cracks in concrete or brick.

The paws of the raccoon can do 180 degrees, and that gives them the ability to climb a surface headfirst.

  • The Raccoon’s Motivation to Climb

Raccoons can climb to hunt for food, find shelter, and keep out of harm’s way. They usually climb trees and bushes to find berries, vegetables, insects, birds, eggs, and anything else that nature can offer up.

Raccoons learn by watching their mothers climb. Mothers will often reposition their babies on trees to teach them how to climb from various spots.

  • Raccoons Have Super “Pawers”

Raccoons have extrasensory cells made in their paws. This makes raccoons more sensitive to touch than other animals and helps them to know how to manage the material they are climbing.

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How To Keep Raccoons From Climbing Fence, Walls, Trees, etc

  • Trees

You should keep your trees trimmed or cut them down low to deter raccoons from climbing and getting close to your roof.

That also includes climbing vines and ferns on the walls of your home.

Cover all openings and tents (including roof openings) with mesh, making sure that all the coverings are secured down with nails.

  • Trash, and Garbage

Ensure all garbage, refuse, and trash bags plus foodstuffs are out of sight.

Alternatively, you can use trash containers that have airtight lids. Bring in any food left outside for your pets during the day.

Raccoons are motivated by food and will follow the scent of food right to your front door or up the walls to your chimney.

  • Roof

Place metal sheeting around the corners of your house roof and around trees. This prevents raccoons from climbing those places.

You can also use steel spikes or put electric wiring on my fence.

Lastly, take pro-active measures when it comes to the breeding season of raccoons. Clear away ladders, chairs, or pipes that raccoons can climb to find a nest (in your home) for a mother and her babies.

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