Can Raccoons Be Potty Trained? FIND OUT!

Yes, raccoons can be potty trained to use a litter box. Training for them works just like training a domestic cat. However, do well to ensure there is no water near the box or you will have a mess.

Remember, raccoons love to wash things.

How To Housebreak A Raccoon

Naturally, raccoons usually go to the same place every time.

So, a plastic box with new paper would work perfectly. This is great since the paper would not stick to their toes.

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Stick to this routine until the critter knows it’s their poop station.

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Where do Pet raccoons poop?

Pet raccoons that have been potty trained will poop in the place you trained them to while untrained raccoons will use places outside of their den.

Can Pet Raccoons Be Potty Trained?

Pet raccoons can be potty trained. If you get a baby raccoon as a pet, you can train it to use a litterbox. If the litterbox is too large, it will make a mess. If it’s too small, he’ll go on the floor outside it. If he gets mad at you, ditto. Place a large brick in the box to hold it down, or he’ll flip it over for fun.

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Can Raccoons Be Potty Trained

Should I get a Pet Raccoon, Is it Safe for Me?

My, advice? DO NOT GET A PET RACCOON. It’s a wild animal. Although cute as a baby, those things turn wild and aggressive (especially the males) once they hit puberty.

They have big sharp teeth and big claws and are born to bite everyone and everything in reach. Raccoons are curious and like to open doors, cupboards, refrigerators, freezers, and jars.

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Owning a raccoon is almost certainly illegal in your town, and if you have to give it up, no animal shelter in your town will take it. Where will you find a vet familiar with raccoon health issues? Where will you get raccoon food? Not PetSuppliesPlus or PetSmart or Wal-Mart. You’ll need wild berries, fruit from trees, acorns, walnuts, cherry and plum trees, corn grown in local gardens, grapes, and peaches. They will also eat kittens, mice, fish, birds and bird eggs, and frogs.

For your own peace of mind and the raccoons’ health, DON’T DO IT.

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