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A raccoon can mate with a cat but a crossbreed won’t occur from the crossing. Raccoons and cats have identical chromosome counts, and similar karyotypes but the raccoon is a nocturnal mammal from the Procyonidae taxonomic family whereas cats are from the Felidae family. So, offspring is just not possible.

Now, male raccoons, especially tame ones, might mate with domesticated cats. But mating between wild coons and female cats also happens.

Cats have also been known to nurse baby raccoons. Under such circumstances, the baby coons would probably become imprinted on cats, so that they would be sexually attracted to cats when they reached maturity. (Imprinting is a widespread phenomenon in mammals and birds.)

Is A Maine Coon Cat Part Raccoon?

Maine Coons are not part raccoon, part cats because of a genetic barrier known as the mechanism of reproductive isolation.

Maine coon got their raccoon-like tails from their ancestors – Norwegian Forest cats.

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can raccoon and cats mate

Do Raccoons Mate with Cats?

While it is possible for a cat to physically mate with a raccoon (or vice versa), there will be no offspring from the mating.

So, a cat-raccoon or raccoon-cat does not exist.

This can be explained by examining their taxonomy or classification.

Cats are:

Kingdom – Animal

Phylum – Chordata

Class – Mammalia

Order – Carnivora

Family – Felidae

Genus – Felis

Species – Catus

Raccoons are:

Kingdom – Animal

Phylum – Chordata

Class – Mammalia

Order – Carnivora

Family – Procyonidae

Genus – Procyon

Species – P. Lotor

Although raccoons and cats belong to the same kingdom, order, class, and phylum, the differences in their species, genus, and family prevent a successful crossbreed of the two animals.

A raccoon is able to mate with a Maine Coon, but they cannot breed together.

It is biologically impossible for a cat and raccoon to breed and produce young so no fertilization of eggs can occur even if they do mate. Hence cat raccoon mixes have never been born.

We will update this article if there are any new breakthroughs in the cross of the two animals.

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The Cat-Raccoon Hybrid

There have been more and more reports by people that a cat-raccoon hybrid exists and suggests that a Maine Coon and raccoon cross or Maine Coon-Raccoon hybrid is known as a Caccoon.

While some belief it to be true, others do not. Well, there is no recorded evidence that suggests that a hybrid created from a Maine Coon and raccoon even exists.

Hybrids are created from species that have similar features and belong to the same family. An “Hybird” and “mixed breed” do not mean the same thing.

A hybrid is a result of breeding two different species of animals within the same taxonomic family, whereas a crossbreed results from mating two animals that are different breeds within the same species.

Maine Coons are also not part-Lynx, are not hybrids and have not been used to produce a hybrid cat.

Popular cat hybrids are:

  • Bengal – Asians Leopard Cat and domestic cat
  • Savannah – African Serval and domestic cat
  • Chausie – Asian jungle cat and domestic cat

Can Cats and Raccoons Crossbreed?

No, they cannot. A successful crossbred from their mating is not biologically possible.

The Maine Coon cat is not a part raccoon. However, this cat may have been named the Maine Coon partly because of the raccoon-like tail of its early ancestors.

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Are Maine Coons Related to Raccoons?

No, Maine coons are not related to raccoons although they have a few things in common.

Here are some:

Look Similar:

Maine Coons come in over 84 different colorings, however, the tabby-colored Maine Coon shares the same coloring as a raccoon.

Black Ring On Tail:

Like raccoons, I have seen some Maine Coons born with a black ring around their bushy tail.

Bushy Tail:

Raccoons and Maine cats have large bushy tails.

Great Climbers:

Both the raccoon and Maine Coon are excellent climbers and also love to climb.


Maine Coons are physically large cats and a similar size to the raccoon.

Love Water:

MC and Coons love playing in the water. I have watched some Maine Coons enjoy taking a bath!

Semi-Prehensile Paws:

Maine Coons and raccoons both like to dip their food in water, using their semi-prehensile paws which help them grasp food more easily.

Can Raccoon and Cats Be Friends?

Although unlikely animal friends, it is possible for a cat and a raccoon to enjoy each other’s company.

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