Can Dogs eat Racoon Meat? SEE HERE!

Dogs won’t touch raw coon meat but if you parboil it for 10 minutes then they’ll gobble it up really quick. So, yes, dogs can eat cooked raccoon meat safely but uncooked one might not be safe for them.

How to Prepare Raccoon for My Dog

  • Place a big pot on the woodstove
  • Throw in the coon carcasses in it
  • Boil till the meat fall off the bone
  • Then pour the water and meat mixture into your dog food and stir it all together until it became mushy.
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Your dog’s coat will be shiny, slick and your dog will be well built.

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Can Dogs Eat Raw Racoon Meat?

Normally, dogs would avoid eating raw coon meat and they’re damn right. Raw wildlife might contain Trichinosis, and there is no remedy for it.

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So, hunters should not feed raw coon meat or raw raccoon.

Trichinosis, also known as Trichinellosis is caused by eating undercooked or raw meat from animals infected with the larvae of a species of roundworm known as Trichinella.

Can Dogs eat Racoon Meat

Who Gets Trichinella?

People who eat raw or undercooked meat from animals infected with the Trichinella worm. In the US, most cases of trichinellosis occur in people who have eaten undercooked bear meat, but meat from other wild animals (e.g., feral pigs, cougar, fox, dog, wolf, horse, seal or walrus) can carry Trichinella.

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