Can A Racoon Drown A Dog? How to Prevent that!

Yes, a raccoon can drown a dog if the water is deep enough. This is why Coon hunters are wary of letting their dogs catch raccoons in water. They prefer water shallow enough that the dog can stand up. When in water where the canine cannot stand up, the raccoon will climb up on the dogs’ head and push it under, drowning the dog.

Can A Racoon Drown A Dog?

A raccoon might jump in the water to evade a dog. If a dog jumps in with it, it will attempt to drown the dog in the water.

The raccoon is much more comfortable and mobile in the water than the dog. If the dog grabs it and it thinks it cannot get away it will begin to fight and the dog will dog under and it doesn’t take much to drown. Kangaroo is more likely to do this though. There have been videos of one doing this to a large dog.

How To Keep Raccoons Away From Dogs

  • Once the sun is going down, bring your dog inside.
  • Cover up pet doors so raccoons don’t gain entry into your home.
  • Place garbage in secure trash or compost containers.
  • Train your dog to understand basic commands such as “No”, “Sit”, “Stay”

Does Having A Dog Keep Raccoons Away?

Yes, the presence of dogs in your home will help reduce raccoon problems. However, raccoons are quick learners and get used to threats rather quickly.

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Generally, dogs aren’t afraid of raccoons and this is especially true for hunting dogs.

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What to do if Your Dog Fights Raccoon?

Dogs & cats are territorial animals and when a raccoon comes in, a dog would not back down.

If that happens, here’s what to do in a dog vs raccoon showdown, in which the raccoon is the aggressor.

  • Vaccinations

Even if you cannot find a scratch mark on your pet, you and your dog should be vaccinated for viral diseases such as rabies, if you haven’t.

This is because raccoons are quite popular for being rabies vector species, meaning they’re more likely to carry and transmit rabies than other animals.

One scratch or bite could be all it takes to infect you, and death usually follows 1-2 hours after symptoms appear.

  • Stopping A Fight

In an unlikely event that a raccoon gets in a fight with your dog, do the following:

First, check yourself for any open wounds. Open wounds can quickly become infected and allow rabies easy passage into your system.

So, ensure they are covered. Now, that your wound has been treated and is covered, make sure you have thick gloves, a thick jacket, jeans, etc. So that the raccoon is unable to scratch your skin or hurt you.

  • “Shovel Method”

One of the most effective means of separating a fight between a raccoon and a dog is putting protective gear on and grabbing a rake, shovel, bat, etc.

Any long, sturdy object should be effective at separating these two animals. You should focus on pushing the raccoon away instead of your dog.

Remember, to work with your dog, not against it. You don’t need to be too aggressive unless you want to be, and even then removing the raccoon is more important than hurting it.

  • Hopping in The Fight

AVOID GRABBING your dog’s hind legs and pull, or try to pull your dog out of the fight. Doing so will weaken your dog’s ability to fight and make him more open and vulnerable. Plus, your dog may sense an attack from behind because he is in “fight” mode and may attack you.

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Instead, focus on the raccoon. Pull the RACCOON away from the dog, rather than your dog away from the raccoon. Again, make sure you have protective clothing on so you won’t suffer scratches or bites.

Once pulled, throw the raccoon away and keep your dog back.

  • Post-Fight Health-Check

Now, that the fight is over, check yourself for any wounds. Even if you don’t feel anything, it’s possible that you may have been bit or scratched.

Even if you don’t feel anything, it’s possible you may have been scratched or bit. DO NOT touch your mouth, eyes, nose, eyes, ears, or any open wounds as that could easily place rabies inside of you.

If you’re in the clear, wash your clothes and yourself very thoroughly before touching any open wounds from before the fight, etc.

If you’re in the clear, then you need to quarantine your dog for 2 hours at least. This will de-activate the rabies virus in the air if the dog has it on the outside of its body. The dog should NOT make contact with any other people or animals in case there is rabies on him. After the quarantine, if he is still fine, wash him thoroughly and pay attention to strange signs.

If you find any wounds, cuts, etc you should call the vet immediately. The same goes for you: even if you were just bit, you should get yourself to the ER as soon as possible, even if you’re already been vaccinated.

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If the dog didn’t run out and attack the raccoon then you should also call the animal control center nearest to you.

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What To Do If Your Dog Attacks A Raccoon

  • Try to distract them both
  • Use shovel to separate the fight. Pushing the raccoon away from the dog.
  • Use vocal commands to distract and deter them
  • Do not get in the middle of it, and NEVER attempt to capture a raccoon.
  • If your dog has bitten or been bitten by a raccoon, you need to get your dog a rabies booster shot within 5 days – the sooner the better.

Will Raccoons Attack Small Dogs?

Yes, raccoons will attack small dogs to protect themselves, their young or reduce competition for food.

Do Raccoons Eat Small Dogs?

Raccoons will eat both plants, insects, and small animals. If your dog makes a menu, a raccoon will attack, kill and eat it.

Can Raccoons and Dogs Be Friends?

Yes, but that would be only when both are puppies. Older ones do not play with one another.

Are Raccoons Afraid of Dogs?

It depends on the size of the dog. Raccoons will usually run from big dogs but will stand and square off with smaller dog breeds.

Can A Raccoon Kill A Big Dog?

No! Any healthy, intact dog over 40lbs can kill a coon with relative ease.

Can A Raccoon Kill a German Shepherd?

The German Shepherd will probably win. However, it might still be in danger, since Raccoon Rabies is endemic in parts of the country. Plus, coons can carry distemper, etc.

Can A Raccoon Kill a Pitbull?

Yes, any dog with a high prey drive and instinct to kill its prey, not hold its prey can quickly deal with a Coon problem.

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