Can A Porcupine Pop Your Tire? How to Prevent that!

Yes, a porcupine’s quills are able to puncture tires. It rarely happens, but it is possible.

It happened to me last summer when I hit one. So, yes, hitting a porcupine on the road could puncture your tires. I would assume in most cases it doesn’t happen but in the right circumstances, the quills can puncture a tire.

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Can A Porcupine Quill Burst The Tires Of A Heavy Truck?

Unless the tires are nearing the end of their service life, a porcupine quill will barely penetrate at all.

It takes a lot of force to get through a rubber tire, and even more to get through it 100 times.

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Can A Porcupine Pop Your Tire

How to Protect Your Car Tires from Porcupine Attacks

  • Put a chicken wire fence around your car, especially during winter. They’re even notorious for chewing brake lines.
  • Drive on tiled roads, avoid dirt roads. It is hard to see them crossing the road.
  • Keep your garage unattractive to these critters

Can Hitting A Porcupine Pop Your Tire?

Repeated punctures by quills can flatten or pop your tires. So, be careful and fight off the temptation of running a porcupine over.

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